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Literacy & Sculpture Project with Haworth based Sculptor, Craig Dyson

A lucky group of Year 9 Art students have designed and made their own sculpture, taking part in a week long masterclass project with Craig Dyson, a local sculptor who exhibits and sells his work both in the UK and abroad.

Inspiration for their sculpture came from a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the weird and wonderful work of Dennis Oppenheim, who creates ‘trees’ from found objects such as sinks, toilets, and washing machines. Enthused by Oppenheim’s integration of a hidden message in his work, our Year 9’s created their own ‘tree’ from aluminium, steel and copper, to represent their interpretation of the way man is destroying nature.

The students worked at Craig’s workshop in Haworth, with all his resources, equipment and tools at their disposal.  Craig was extremely impressed with the end product, and complemented the students on their creative ideas, motivation and skills.

The project combined a number of creative writing workshops with the practical work, designed to develop literacy skills. Miss Metcalfe and Mrs Graham encouraged the students to think and write creatively about the sculptures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and later about their own finished piece of work.