IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SCHOOL BUSES: There has been a change to the renewal process for a place on a Secondary School Bus Service. The Education Transport Team now require each parent to complete an online renewal form if they wish for their child to continue to use the school bus services for the next academic year. For further information please see the letter under the letters section of this website

Sixth Form

Having read a recent newspaper article on, Sixth Forms in Bradford that are said to be unviable, I notice that Titus Salt School is named as one of 19 schools that have less than 250 students in its Sixth Form; I appreciate there could be a number of different reactions to this newspaper article which relates to the financial implications of Post 16 provision. I wish to state categorically that we are not closing our Sixth Form down; I wish to further reassure parents that we have a strong Sixth Form that performs highly against national standards as I stated in my article on our Level 3 Results 2016 (below). I wish to thank James Slater for his support of Sixth Form provision at Titus Salt School whilst attending the Children's Services Overview & Scrutiny Committee, to which the newspaper article refers; James left us this summer with 4 A Levels at grade A and 1 A Level at grade A* and he leaves us to take up his first choice University place at the London School of Economics – we wish him well. Our Sixth Form provision is a vital part of our success and we will continue to look at ways to expand our provision and offer more opportunities for our students.
Monday 12 September 2016

 KS4 Results 2016

Awaiting KS4 results is every bit as anxious as awaiting those for KS5 as they too help determine a future direction. Yet again, our students make us proud in all that they achieve as they have raised the standards for the third consecutive year with our best ever GCSE results for the headline figure of 5A* to C grades which currently is 56% (we await remarks for a number of subjects); the Capped 8 Points Score has also increased to an average of 319 points and 99.6% of our students attained at least 1 A* to G. The school Performance Tables use a range of measures and a recent introduction is the Progress 8 measure, which for us is a positive outcome; we are delighted with this as it compares the outcomes for an individual school against the national average for all subjects in all schools. We celebrate the achievements of all our students but as always there are some amazing outcomes: 38 students attained 100% A* to B grades in 9 or more subjects; a further 58 students attained 100% A* to C grades in 8 or more subjects and 58% of our students achieved the Basics national benchmark for English and Maths. Irrespective of the demands to reach national benchmarks – our results reflect the commitment and hard work of all our students and members of staff, which, with the support of parents ensures all of our students, achieve and do themselves proud. My very best wishes to you all.

Level 3 Results 2016

It is always such an anxious time of year awaiting the results of examinations – they affect so many people, especially our students and their parents. As Head teacher I want so much for all of our students to achieve and do well; I always feel that whatever the outcome I am proud of their achievements. The Level 3 results for our Sixth Form students once again, are fantastic – what our students attained means the school achieved its best ever headline results for the third consecutive year.

A great deal is mentioned in the national media regarding the “top” grades of A* and A; this year our students are above the reported national average for A* and A grades with 53.3% (national 52.9%) of our students gaining results at this level; 8.5% (national 8.1%) at grade A* and 18.6% (national 17.7%) at grade A. For vocational our students attained 48% of results at the level of D*D* (double Distinction Star); 70% attained D*D* to D*D. I am delighted that the hard work of all of our members of staff and students has been realised in successful examination outcomes. Of course, it is the achievements of all students that contribute to the whole and I give congratulations to everyone. There are some notable headline and individual achievements: 19 students attained 100% A* to B grades in 3 or 4 subjects and 9 students attained 100% outcomes at grades A* to A such as Abigail Brunton and Tommy Dobson who each attained 100% A* in 3 and 4 subjects respectively; Ben Vincent and Mark Hughes attained two out of 3 grades at A*.

There was such a good feeling in the school on Sixth Form Results Day with many happy students clearly looking forward to University, Employment or Training – my very best wishes for the future to all of our successful students.