High Attendance means High Achievement

Aim for your child to be in school at least 96% of the time.
Students with more than 96% attendance gain the best results at GCSE, BTEC and AS/A2 Level. Therefore, being in lessons means students will achieve success.

Attendance is constantly monitored and if it falls below 96% we will contact you to ensure attendance improves. If the Educational Social Worker (ESW) then becomes involved you may be fined or prosecuted. We will try to help you avoid this at all costs.

We believe the partnership between home and school is vital for your child’s success. Please telephone school before 8.50am for all absences. Our automated system texts or calls if an absence is not explained by 9.30am. Always complete an Absence Note or PE Absence Note in the student planner.

Years 7 to 11 and Post-16
24hr Attendance Line 01274 258973
Email attendance@titussaltschool.co.uk

Attendance Manager 07713 567158

Students should always be punctual to school and lessons.

To avoid a late mark, students should be in form rooms for registration at 8.50am. Students must always sign in at reception if arriving after 8.50am. Students who arrive after 8.50am, or who are late to lessons receive a late mark (L) in their planner.

Note: A one hour whole school detention is given if a student accrues three late marks to school in one week or three late marks to lessons in one week. Plus, if students are late to school they also receive a lunchtime detention on that day.

In line with the Department for Education advice to support attendance, we do not authorise holidays in term time.

Signing out
We discourage students from leaving during the day but if it’s unavoidable put a note in your child’s planner e.g. hospital appointment. Students must sign out/back in at reception.

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  • Community

    • Good community links add relevance and interest to students’ work. We have strong business links and work closely with voluntary groups, our local primary schools and other organisations. Our growing partnership with local providers is a real strength.

      We are keen to be ‘community partners’. Students and staff are active members of local focus groups and attend local forums. As the lead secondary school within the Shipley Achieving Success (SAS) partnership we are proactive in our support with young people and their families. Our Extended School provision is wide ranging and offers opportunities to engage in after school and holiday clubs together with a wide range of workshops.

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  • Vacancies

    • We are an 11-18 mixed comprehensive school that is extremely popular and oversubscribed.  We moved into our new school building in September 2008 and have outstanding facilities and a state of the art learning environment.

      We are proud of our comprehensive school principles and our daily work is centred on four key values; summarised as together we can make a difference; resilient to change; ambitious to excel and caring for the lives of individuals. We are a school with great aspirations; proud of our history and heritage, yet always looking to the future – celebrating student well-being, high academic standards and achievement for all. Success at school is the result of students, parents/carers and teachers working together.

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