IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SCHOOL BUSES: There has been a change to the renewal process for a place on a Secondary School Bus Service. The Education Transport Team now require each parent to complete an online renewal form if they wish for their child to continue to use the school bus services for the next academic year. For further information please see the letter under the letters section of this website

Dated 23.3.17

Post-16 Transport Policy Statement

Dear Chair, Headteacher,

Re: Consultation upon the Post 16 Transport Policy Statement

The Council has a duty to prepare, consult upon and publish an annual transport policy statement each year specifying the arrangements for the provision of transport or otherwise that the authority considers it necessary to facilitate the attendance of all persons of sixth form age receiving education or training.

The transport policy statement must also specify the arrangements proposed to be made by the governing bodies of schools and further education colleges which may include assistance with transport costs or transport provision. Governing bodies are under a duty to co-operate in giving the local authority any information and other assistance that is reasonably required by the authority to enable them to prepare their statement

We kindly ask that you notify your students and parents in your usual manner that this consultation is underway and post the attached questionnaire on your website and student notice boards. In addition we would ask that you provide us with information on the assistance that may be available to your students regarding transport to school or college so we can include this in the statement.

Kind regards

Paul Hart
Policy Development Officer (School Travel and Transport)
Education Client Services
Tel: 01274 439347 ·.Mob: 07582100154
Margaret McMillan Tower, Princes Way,  Bradford , BD1 1NN

Consultation on the Post16 Transport Policy Statement Questionnaire