Titus Salt School GCSE and GCE (AS and A2) Examinations Summer 2018

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Dear Pupil,

Good luck in your forthcoming examinations.  Here are some reminders about the arrangements.

Revision, study and punctual attendance
It is essential you undertake thorough and organised revision.  Please ask for help if you feel you need it.
Your full and punctual attendance to lessons and revision sessions will determine your final grade.

Personal exam timetables

You will have a paper copy of your personal exam timetable that shows the subject, date and room for each exam and where you will sit.  Seating plans will also be displayed outside each exam room. 

Examination regulations including mobile phones and electronic equipment

You need to understand and follow all exam regulations.  A copy of the rules is printed on the back of your exam timetable.   Mobile phones and any other electronic equipment are not allowed to be taken into the exam room.  Apple/Smartwatches and any other device that has the potential to be connected to the internet or that can store data are not allowed to be taken into exams.  We advise that mobile phones and electronic equipment are not brought into school but if you choose to they should be left in the locked bag area. 

Anyone who does not follow the exam rules will be reported to the Examination Board who may choose to disqualify them from that exam and other any exams. 

Punctual attendance

Exams start on time: morning exams start at 9:00hrs and afternoon exams start at 13:15 hrs.  You should arrive outside the exam room 15 minutes before the exam is due to start so please allow extra time for journeys.  


You must be prepared for the exams.  You should have at least one black pen, pencil, rubber and ruler for all exams and calculators and geometry sets, if necessary.  All equipment should be in a transparent case.  A clear plastic bottle of water is permitted; please remove the label from the bottle. 

Dress code during exams

Our school dress code is unchanged during exams; please remember this covers piercings and hairstyles.


Hopefully, you will be in good health throughout the exam period.  However, if you are ill school needs to know as soon as possible.  Your parent/carer should call 01274 258969 and choose Option 1 for Student Absence.  It is important you make every effort to take each exam.  If you miss any component of an exam, supporting medical evidence should be submitted to school so we can apply for special consideration. 

Final examinations

On the day of the last exam in each subject please ensure you return any textbooks you have borrowed.

Arrangements for the collection of results

Exam results will be available as follows:

A level (AS and A2)/ Level 3 BTEC/ Level 3 Cambridge         : 17 August 2017 in the Main Hall from 9:00am. 

GCSE/Level 2 BTEC/Cambridge                                           :  24 August 2017 in the Main Hall. 

Year 11 can collect theirs from 10:00am. Year 10 and Sixth Form can collect theirs from 11:00am. 

Results cannot be handed to friends or parents/carers unless by prior arrangement in writing to the Exams Officer.

Arrangements for the collection of certificates

Certificates arrive in school at the end of November and we will post on our school website when certificates are ready.  Certificates cannot be handed to a third party unless we have your written authorisation.

Examination Policy

Examination Rules



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