Wearing the correct uniform is an essential part of being prepared for work at school. We need your support to ensure that your child is always properly dressed for the working day. Wearing uniform is not an option; it is a clear expectation of all who are part of the Titus Salt Community. 

Note: Updates to uniform and appearance for September 2017/18 will be published once confirmed

Uniform 2016/17

Trousers: Only plain black tailored trousers are deemed suitable for school. Trousers should be of a classic or straight  style - no jeans, leggings or skinny fit (tight around the ankle) trousers. Trousers should have midÔÇÉrise or high waist, be of a cotton blend, wool or synthetic fabric, not denim. If there is any doubt, please contact the Year Team before purchasing uniform.

Skort: A navy/sky skort or jogging bottoms with school badge must be worn for girls P.E. Shorts are not permitted.

Eyelashes and Nails: Unnatural false eyelashes and acrylic nails are not permitted.

Uniform list

Uniform and appearance advice

Trouser styles

Shoe styles

Wynsor shoes leaflet

Sixth Form dress code

Please do not assume that if a retailer describes its range as ‘school wear’, that it matches our expectations.

Summer uniform may be worn from Tuesday 2 May 2017. (PBS rules can be found in the Parent Planner). Students wishing to remain in normal uniform may do so if they wish.

Click here for information on our School Clothing Allowance