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Titus Salt School GCSE and GCE (AS and A2) Examinations Summer 2017

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High Attendance means High Achievement

Aim for your child to be in school at least 96% of the time.
Pupils with more than 96% attendance gain the best results at GCSE, BTEC and AS/A2 Level. Therefore, being in lessons means pupils will achieve success.

Special Educational Needs

The school works to promote the inclusion of all pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) through its policies and practice. We seek to make provision for pupils with a range of SEN and, by providing help and support, encourage these pupils to make progress and achieve success. Wherever possible, pupils with SEN are integrated with other pupils. The school’s SEN policy and offer is available to view.

Outdoor Education forms an important part of life at Titus Salt School and includes activities completed both in school time and after in a range of groups and clubs. Here is a brief taste of some of the activities.

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KAPOW  – Knowing About the Power of Words

KAPOW Book (Year 7 only)

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Pupils use the planner to log homework, special events, sports fixtures etc. It allows you to monitor your child's work on a regular basis and lets you communicate with school. It also enables staff to report incidents of concern or praise.