IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SCHOOL BUSES: There has been a change to the renewal process for a place on a Secondary School Bus Service. The Education Transport Team now require each parent to complete an online renewal form if they wish for their child to continue to use the school bus services for the next academic year. For further information please see the letter under the letters section of this website

The RAISE Document

The Department for Education and Ofsted use a range of data to judge the performance of schools. A key source of data is a document called RAISE (Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through school Self-Evaluation).  RAISE is published twice year. The first report is published in the Autumn Term and is based on ‘unvalidated data’; it is draft and can exclude any remarks. The final version is  published in the Spring Term and is based on ‘validated data’; this is the final version and includes all remarks nationally.

Unvalidated RAISE data was published on 2 December 2015. We noticed that the RAISE report included one remark only. RAISE offers a function where schools can generate reports using the latest and most accurate data including any remarks. We have re-run RAISE and this document provides outcomes using data that:

- includes all of the 21 successful remarks; and

- does not include students who were enrolled in our Designated Specialist Provision (DSP) who were never expected to sit GCSEs and who follow a separate and personalised curriculum.