IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SCHOOL BUSES: There has been a change to the renewal process for a place on a Secondary School Bus Service. The Education Transport Team now require each parent to complete an online renewal form if they wish for their child to continue to use the school bus services for the next academic year. For further information please see the letter under the letters section of this website

Disadvantaged Students Policy 2016/17 formerly known as Pupil Premium

Disadvantaged Students Report

Disadvantaged students: Forecast Income and Expenditure 2015/16

Pupil Premium is a government initiative designed to target resources on those students deemed to be from a financially disadvantaged background. Specifically, the Pupil Premium money is provided for those pupils who are on Free School Meals (FSM), who have been FSM at any point over the past 6 years (Ever6), those children who have been looked after by the local authority, continuously for at least 6 months (LAC) or have been LAC within the past 3 years (Ever 3).