Admission to Titus Salt School is controlled by Bradford Council and our official Pupil Admissions Number (PAN) is 240 but for the past four years, we have taken 10 more students above PAN which was originally at the request of the Local Authority, which required additional places in the city. The planned curriculum for 2016-2017 is staffed based on current student numbers and can accommodate projected numbers for Year 7 based on the previously agreed maximum of 250 – creating absolute maximum group sizes for classes at Key Stage 3.

 Since 1990 we have been oversubscribed; every year taking more than our intended number. When allocating places Bradford Council takes into account residency and family connections to the school. Parents/carers can appeal if a place is not offered in the first instance.

The school itself controls admissions for Post-16 study. The number of places is restricted to students who have demonstrated high personal standards in the main school and to those who are likely to benefit from the courses available. The school also welcomes applications for Post-16 entry from students at other schools. The school holds annual Open Evenings for prospective new students and their families.

To apply for a place at our school please contact Bradford Council. (Year 7-11)

School Admissions Team at Education Services, Future House, Bolling Road, Bradford BD4 7EB. Tel: 01274 385967

For Post-16 studies, come along to our Open Evening which will be held on 17 November 2016 or telephone 01274 258969


Could you be a volunteer for Schools Admissions Appeals Panel?

Parents have the right to express a preference for the school they would like their child to attend.  If a place at that school cannot be offered, parents then have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.  A School Admissions Appeals Panel hears such appeals.
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