Emily Nar, Year 13 was one of only two UK students chosen to attend the prestigious Mexico ExpoCiencias. Her design of a Robotic Piano Tutor caught the eye of the Arkwright judges from 800 entries. Emily created a working prototype of the mechanism that will teach any novice how to play the piano. Emily named her creation, Melodi – The Robotic Piano Tutor and travelled to Mexico in December with Lead Physics teacher Mr Reid, to showcase her creation to an international panel. Contestants were asked to create their resources in Spanish for the judges.

Emily brought together her love of STEM subjects and the Arts to create Melodi. Melodi took just over two months to create and is programmed to play twenty songs.

STEM student Emily said:

“I was so excited to be part of Mexico ExpoCiencias 2016, to represent the UK is an amazing opportunity. The whole experience from visiting a country I’ve never been to before, to presenting my STEM design to an international panel was amazing. I admit I was very nervous on the day but enjoyed every minute, an experience I will never forget.”

James Reid, Subject Leader, Physics said:

“This is another in a long line of prestigious opportunities achieved by STEM students at Titus Salt School and by Emily herself. I hope this will encourage more students to ask their STEM teachers about what opportunities are available for them.”

Article appear in T&A 9 February 2017 pg 7.