The Reval machines that allow pupils to load money onto their accounts have been updated. This now allows both new and old £1 coins and £5 notes to be used.

In January, Sixth Form students met a young Palestinian and Israeli speaker to better understand perspectives on conflict. Students heard first-hand viewpoints and needs of those who want peace.  The speakers, Abigail and Ibrahim, outlined their experiences of growing up in Israel and Palestine and then were part of a lengthy question and answer session culminating in group work activities looking at possible solutions to the conflict. The sessions were hugely successful, allowing students to embrace diversity of identity and opinion on this extremely difficult issue.The approach was based upon principles which would lead to a ‘win-win outcome’ for individuals and communities. The day was brokered by ‘Solutions Not Sides’, an organisation that co-ordinates a non-partisan educational project for young people. The key focus is to counter Anti-Semitic and Islamophobic narratives related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Student, Danielle Taylor said:“The session was a great opportunity for us to get a deeper insight into the complex conflict in Israel and Palestine. The two speakers Abigail (Israeli) and Ibrahim (Palestinian) shared personal experiences and how the conflict has affected them and their families.  Their stories and opinions allowed us to see the impact on real people; beyond the headlines we see in the media."