Kieran Goodall and Thomas Baildon, Year 8, both members of the TSS Fencing club competed in the Yorkshire Youth League last Sunday; both students impressed spectators and came away with three medals between them.

Tom first tried out his basic foil skill in the under-14 boys foil, and did well to finish the first stage of competition seeded 4, going on to win one knockout round before losing to the eventual winner in his semi-final, earning himself a Bronze medal. Both boys then took part in the under-14 sabre, Kieran beating Tom in their semi-final and confirming Tom's second Bronze. Kieran went on to lose the final to the experienced fencer from Halifax, and so earning his Silver medal.

Thomas and Kieran are still discussing whether two bronze medals are better than one silver!

Fencing Coach Tim Noble said: “Both boys did extremely well and I’m very proud of them and what they have achieved today. They’ve only been fencing since September so both boys show lots of potential.”

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