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Jonathon Gallucci, Jo Hirst and Sammi West from Asda Technology Leeds delivered a careers based spotlight session to a group of Year 9 pupils in February. The aim of the event was to give pupils an insight into the exciting career options available within industry, with a particular focus on computing careers at Asda Technology.

Our guest speakers delivered presentations focused on their specific job roles as well as an insight to their very different career paths that led them to their high flying IT managerial roles. Listening to the guests talk about how they started out in their careers with a varied range of degrees (Psychology, Geography and Computing) was a real eye opener for the pupils as it dispelled the myth that you have to be a geek to work within the Computing and IT industry.

During the session, pupils took part in an interactive task where they were required to use effective communication to create shopping experiences which enhanced customer satisfaction both online and instore. This was an interesting task which encouraged pupils to think about the key skills that are required when working in a technology related role.