Welcome to Titus Salt School

Our four key values are: together, resilient, ambitious and caring.

Our students continue to make me proud and I am overwhelmed by their skills, enthusiasm, drive and commitment – qualities that make our school a special place.  My thanks also go to our staff who share in the school’s vision and ensure our values are at the forefront of what we do every day.


Our aims

- To help shape the vision and direction of the school
- To ensure that all students and staff are safe
- To ensure that the school fulfils its statutory duties
- To have a good understanding of the strengths of the school and the areas for development
- To challenge and support the Leadership Team

What we do

In addition to five Full Board meetings a year, smaller groups of governors meet each term in committees to consider various aspects of running the school:

  • Curriculum/Liaison Committee
  • Pastoral Committee
  • Resources Committee
  • Staffing Committee
  • Link Governors  

The role of the Link Governors has been developed over the last few years. Each Link Governor meets with a member of the Leadership Team and through that member to a particular Faculty. In this way the governors can get a good grasp of the school’s strengths and also of the areas for development. The result is that we are then able to challenge and support appropriately.

School Governors 2015/16

Click here for the full list of Governors and the Register of Interest 2015/16

We are strong supporters of the school and are very keen to hear from parents/carers and others who are interested in us.

Attendance of Governors at meetings: Academic Year 2014-15