Our aims

- To help shape the vision and direction of the school
- To ensure that all pupils and staff are safe
- To ensure that the school fulfils its statutory duties
- To have a good understanding of the strengths of the school and the areas for development
- To challenge and support the Leadership Team

What we do

In addition to five Full Board meetings a year, smaller groups of governors meet each term in committees to consider various aspects of running the school:

  • Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Committee
  • Finance and Resources Committee
  • Leadership and Management Committee

School Governors 2017-2018

Shirley Craven (Chair)

John Drinkall (Vice Chair)

John Cole

Michael Collis (Staff)

Jill Duffy

Roberto Espindola

Matthew Hall

Peter Linley

Gill Holland

Marianne McCallum

Ian Morrel (Headteacher)

Michael Pollard

Clare Siddall

Nageena Khan (Clerk)

We are strong supporters of the school and are very keen to hear from parents/carers and others who are interested in us.

Register of Interest document

Governors attendance 2016-17