Pupil Achievements

Pens at the ready!

This is the fourth year running that our school community has celebrated National Writing Day which meant stopping whatever we were doing at 11:30pm and getting creative!

The theme this year was connection – something which has evidently become more important in the last 15 months to many of our pupils and staff – and the task was to ‘Fill the Box’. In previous years, we’ve tasked ourselves to freewrite for a certain number of minutes but this year, we challenged ourselves to say as much as we could with a limited space. Every pupil had a post-it note to fill and with a bit of help from Karl Nova (https://youtu.be/TJMYpTGt6YY) there was no stopping them.

We received word splurges, short stories, poems and quotes and had the privilege of spending the afternoon with published writer Andy Craven-Griffiths and First Story’s Regional Organiser Andy Hill looking through all of the brilliant entries. We agreed, we laughed and we even got emotional after reading some responses and we wanted to be able to share them with you too. Here are some of our favourites and you can read more by clicking on the link below:

Mr Green, Leader of STEM at TSS was approached by the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) board of directors and was asked to carry out some research into the current  issue of, the lack of females taking STEM related subjects (D&T, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Maths) at GCSE and A level. Mr Green carried out two surveys, one with pupils and one with parents which gave an insight into why there is such a low uptake by girls. To further concrete his evidence Mr Green filmed a question and answer session with five Year 11 girls which was presented to over fifteen engineering and manufacturing businesses.

The AME and CTE board members watched the video and were extremely impressed; they were very complimentary about how they girls eloquently answered questions based around girls studying STEM subjects.

Running for the second year at TSS the ‘E is for Engineering’ project, run as part of the Universities STEM outreach programme, which is to encourage more females to consider a career in Engineering, delivered two workshops to our Year 7 and Year 8 girls.

Year 8 had a presentation delivered by a female Engineering PhD student focusing on the importance of detailed research when working on a project. After listening to the presentation pupils worked in pairs and began to research using the internet a medical device which has been used to save people’s lives. This allowed the pupils to put into practice what they had learnt during the live session. These will be finished and pupils will recieve feedback from the Leeds University students.

Year 7 pupils were introduced to what Engineering is and the exciting opportunities a career in this sector can bring. Pupils watched an excellent video produced by De Puy Synthes who are a Leeds based company who design and make equipment used by surgeons and also manufacture artificial joints.

The English faculty and First Story writer, Andy Craven-Griffiths, were so impressed with a piece of writing from one of our First Story writers last year, that they nominated it for the First Story Showcase Event as part of their Young Writers’ Festival. It was no surprise the judges from First Story agreed that Ben’s piece of work ‘Lucid Dreaming’ was an exceptional piece of text.

This year’s World Book Day will be a little different from our usual assemblies, quizzes, competitions, book clues and staff props but we can still remind ourselves about the importance of reading and celebrate books that have been important to us.

Monologues as Mary Queen of Scots; a teen who had outgrown a best friend; an experience of serendipity.

These were just some of the excellent solo performances our drama pupils showcased over lockdown. Challenged to perform solo, the panel of judges were treated to different skills showcased by our exceptionally talented pupils who love to perform. The judges were extremely impressed by Year 8, Katie’s submission, she chose to write her own piece, containing very mature content, which was delivered very skilfully with emotion relating to the issue of mental health.

Congratulations to Arthur, Year 7, Max, Year 8 and Caitlin, Year 9, these three lucky winners have been chosen to represent TSS in the national round of the Tunnocks Teacakes competition run by the Food Teachers Centre.

In February, the English faculty had the pleasure of delivering Andy Craven-Griffith’s writing workshop focusing on ‘The Little Things’. Our aim was to encourage our school community to remember the smaller, brilliant things we still have in our lives and we were so pleased to read and share such lovely words from our pupils.

After spending many holidays on South Beach, Bridlington and having a fascination with watching the lifeboats launch into the sea, Year 9 pupils, Abi and Evie decided to raise some much-needed funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution: Saving Lives at Sea. This charity relies on volunteers and supporters to run their lifesaving service, which cost £181.5 million to run in 2019, all of which was generously donated by the public.

Congratulations and well done to all our 2020 English prize winners. We are very pleased to have been able to congratulate the Y7 prize winners and to give them the opportunity to collect their prizes.

Pupils are working towards the RSPB’s Wild Challenge Award which means they have to undertake a variety of activities that allow them to experience nature and improve things for nature. Eco-club restarted this week with a keen band of Year 7 pupils, they conducted a habitat survey on the school site identifying areas that were good for wildlife and areas that could be improved.

Eighteen girls from our Year 9 STEM group took part in an inspirational STEM careers event delivered by a company called Stemettes. The Stemettes are an award-winning social enterprise that has worked with almost 45,000 young people across the UK and Europe, their objective is to show that girls do Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too! They work with young women and girls aged 5 up to 25 and help them make informed decisions on pursuing all manner of STEM related careers.

Year 7 pupils got very creative in a fun English session and wanted to share their brilliant work as part of our celebration of National Poetry Day.

Each form collaboratively wrote an ‘I Remember’ poem filled with memories from their long summer break. Click on the links below to see their work.

Congratulations to Year 8 pupils, Katie, Alice and Caitlin, all three girls entered a STEM competition relating to ‘Influential Women in Engineering’ and have received 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize! To commemorate International Women in Engineering Day, Leeds University launched a competition which was opened up to schools that have been taking part in the ‘E for Engineering’ project. Last academic year the project saw a group of high attaining girls visit Leeds University to take part in workshops looking at influential women in Engineering and had an inspirational talk from former head of the women in engineering society. 

This year for National Poetry Day we are being asked to ‘see it like a poet’ and explore the theme of Vision by reading and writing poems. At Titus Salt School this week, through our form group based remote assemblies, we will all be getting inspiration from Karl Nova and his poem ’See through my eyes’