This year for National Poetry Day we are being asked to ‘see it like a poet’ and explore the theme of Vision by reading and writing poems. At Titus Salt School this week, through our form group based remote assemblies, we will all be getting inspiration from Karl Nova and his poem ’See through my eyes’

So why not join us and think about how you see your world and what things are most important to you. Think about how you might explain your vision to someone else who might not quite see the world in the same way. Think about how you might use language in an interesting and unusual way to capture your audience’s imagination or create pictures in their mind.

You can write the poem in your head, with spoken word, with a pencil, with a pen, with a keyboard. It can be one line long, or one hundred and one lines long. Share it, and/or any poems you already love, using #nationalpoetryday or #myNPDpoem and visit the website for more great ideas about how to get more poetry into your life!